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What is the "Right" Way for Youth to Navigate the Criminal Justice System?

This video is aimed at answering the question what is the "right" way for youth to navigate the criminal justice system? Jack Beckerman and I, Aanna Farhang, attempt to answer this question through interviews with experts including the Honorable Federal Magistrate Judge Stacie Beckerman, Professor Aliza Kaplan, Public Defender Matt Stevens, as well as the formerly incarcerated Trevor Walraven and Conrad Engweiler.

Wisconsin, what are you doing?

April 4, 2024

Sandy Rozek, , ,

By Sandy . . . It is a given that if one is convicted of a crime, some sort of punishment will follow. Why? It has been thus from the beginning of time. The hope is that the punishment will evoke a repulsion toward the criminal act and the unpleasantness that resulted from it and cause a turning away from it. If the lesson is learned as intended, society benefits.

50 State Justice Data Snapshots and 5 Ways to Reduce Violent Crime

The CSG Justice Center’s nonpartisan analysts and justice experts have created two new resources to assist your state in improving community safety:

  • State Data Snapshots: This resource contains the most recent data for every state on crime, arrests, behavioral health, workforce, recidivism, and more. 
  • 5 Ways States Can Reduce Violent Crime: Through our research and work across the country and with the state and local leaders who serve on our advisory board, we have identified five strategies that states should adopt to reduce violent crime and improve outcomes in your communities. 

The CSG Justice Center is available to help you unpack this data and dig deeper into how your state can improve community safety! Please contact Madeleine Dardeau at mdardeau@csg.org to schedule a meeting with our expert staff.


Protect and Redirect: America’s Growing Movement to Divert Youth Out of the Justice System

Jurisdictions across the country are advancing reforms to expand and improve diversion, demonstrating diversion’s potential to transform youth justice in ways that protect public safety and enhance youth success.  Related to: Youth Justice, Racial Justice.

March 20, 2024

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