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Feds asked to probe mental health setup at State Prison -

CONCORD — A state representative and a national patient rights group are calling for a federal investigation into the Secure Psychiatric Unit at the state prison in Concord.

Federal Complaint Filed to Stop NH From Housing Non-Criminal Mentally Ill Patients in Prison

State Rep. Renny Cushing is ratcheting up efforts to halt the practice of housing severely mentally ill patients who haven’t committed a crime with convicted prisoners at the Secure Psychiatric Unit at the State Prison for Men in Concord.

2 populations: Mental health patients can be housed with inmates who have committed murder

Beatrice Coulter was a volunteer and board member of Citizens for Criminal Justice Reform from July 2015 - April 2016.

CONCORD - Beatrice Coulter is a registered nurse who's worked in the mental health arena for more than 40 years, but she never saw anything like what she witnessed at the Secure Psychiatric Unit inside the state prison.

16 Mentally Ill Patients Who Didn’t Commit Crime Locked Up in State Prison

CONCORD -- On any given day, men and women who have not committed or been accused of a crime are locked up behind razor-wire covered fencing at the State Prison for Men’s Secure Psychiatric Unit.

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