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What will Trump do to 11 million people he deems criminals?

Our president promised hundreds of times in the election campaign that he would deport every illegal alien in America. He has tried several times to start that massive eviction. Federal courts have twice struck down those orders until a trial vets them.

DOJ to nix ‘felon,’ ‘convict’ terms deemed stigmatizing

A Justice Department division will no longer refer to people released from prison as “felons” or “convicts” because of the stigmatizing effects of the terms, an agency official announced in a Washington Post editorial Wednesday.

Proposed law would give N.H. drivers a Real ID license option

(Published in print: Thursday, September 24, 2015)

Lawmakers will consider a proposal next year that would give New Hampshire residents the option to buy a driver’s license that also serves as identification to board airplanes and enter federal buildings under the Real ID program.

Justices weigh whether inmate with consecutive terms should have been eligible for release years ago

Gregg Blackstock was sent to prison 15 years ago for sexual assault and is serving the final months of a third consecutive minimum sentence in Concord. According to the state Department of Corrections, he will become eligible for parole in October.

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