NH Adult Parole Board

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 Andrea J. Goldberg, JD , Executive Assistant
 New Hampshire State Prison for Men . PO Box 14 . Concord, NH 03302 . (603) 271-2569 

Parole Board Composition. The Adult Parole Board is an independent agency that reports directly to the governor. The board consists of seven members appointed by the Governor and approved by the Executive Council. Members serve five-year terms, and may serve no more than two consecutive terms. By law, three board members must preside over each hearing. The board is part-time, which means that members report for duty only when scheduled for hearings. Board members are always available to issue arrest warrants for parole violators, and to consult with parole officers regarding problem cases.

Parole hearings are generally held on Thursdays in the Parole Board Hearings Room located at the New Hampshire State Prison for Men in Concord.

Parole revocation hearings are generally held as needed on Tuesdays in the same location.

These dates and times can change based on necessity. Members of the public wishing to attend parole hearings must contact the Adult Parole Board in advance.
Parole Board Members -
Donna Sytek, Chair
Brian Cashman
Robert Flanders
William J. Francis
Mark E. Furlone
Leslie Mendenhall
Katharine J. Phinney
  1. Calendar Upcoming Parole Hearings: http://www.nh.gov/nhdoc/divisions/parole/hearings.html
Adult Field Services
Michael McAlister, Director
Jason Smith, Assistant Director

105 Pleasant Street . PO Box 1806 (Mailing) . Concord, NH 03302-1806 . (603) 271-5652              (603) 271-5652      
Collections Unit
. PO Box 3356 . Concord, NH 03302-3356 . (603) 271-7344              (603) 271-7344      
PROBATION - When an individual has been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony and released into the community for supervision
PAROLE - A legal status whereby an offender convicted of a felony and sentenced to the New Hampshire State Prison is released into the community by the parole board.

The Division of Field Services supervises New Hampshire offenders who are not currently incarcerated behind bars. Field Services is responsible for the following:

  • Approximately 3,900 people on Probation
  • Approximately 2,400 people on Parole
  • Approximately 150 people who are released on bail
  • Approximately 10,000 people who have been ordered to pay restitution to a victim or other court-ordered fees
  • Approximately 35 individuals on Administrative Home Confinement (sometimes called electronic monitoring or the "ankle bracelet")
  • Approximately 500 people for other types of supervision

Field Services is also responsible for conducting Pre-Sentencing Investigations. These investigations are requested by a court of law. It includes a thorough evaluation of the offender's criminal charge, a thorough review of the circumstances including interviews with affected parties, and a recommendation to sentencing judge.

Updated April 18, 2018