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Bipartison Bill would reduce prison overcrowding

It is recognized that many prisons in the United States are overcrowded and do not rehabilitate inmates.

Public Television Broadcasts The Ken Burns Documentary, "The Central Park Five."

Tuesday Evening, 9:00 P.M. Nationwide

Low Payout Limits Can Hinder Wrongfully Convicted

The Associated Press reported on February 3, 2013 on the wide variation in compensation for exonerees from wrongful convictions. Close to the low end is New Hampshire with a total cap of $20,000, regardless of the number of years an exoneree had spent in prison.

Capital Punishment: An Introduction To U.S. Prison Spending

Matt Stroud, a national freelance writer, would like some help from experts on restortative justice in researching the issue of private prisons. It's fair to say this timely subject could use a hundred people like him.

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