Court Decisions

This list of state and federal cases consists of those which have been determined to be most significant to the reform effort.  You are invited to submit additional cases for consideration. CCJR is very concerned about listing final dispositions from a state's highest appellate court or any substantial decisions rendered by a federal Circuit court.  Lower level cases (cases in federal District courts or state courts of intermediate appeal) are interesting but less attractive for this list because of the high probability of a pending appeal. None the less, if you are aware of a case that you believe is important, please send a link or .pdf version of the opinion to for appropriate review.

Important Supreme Court decisions

Packingham v. North Carolina (2017)

Grady v. North Carolina (2015)

Comnwlth of PA v. Muniz  (2017)

U.S. v. Comstock (2010)

Carr v. U.S. (2010)

Smith v. Doe (2003)

Connecticut Dept. of Public Safety v. Doe (2003)

McKune v. Lile (2002)

Seling v. Young (2001)

U.S. Court of Appeals and Federal Court decisions

               U.S. Dist. Ct., E.Dist.of KY, Doe v. KY (2017)

                10th Circuit, U.S.A. v. Haymond (OK) (2017)       

                U.S. Dist.Ct., Dist.of CO, Millard v. Rankin (2017)

 4th Circuit, Doe v. Cooper (NC)(2016)

7th Circuit, Velenti v. Hartford City, IN (2016)

2nd District, TX City of Krum v. Rice (2016)

6th Circuit, Does v. MI (2016) related: ACLU FAQS