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Justices weigh whether inmate with consecutive terms should have been eligible for release years ago

Gregg Blackstock was sent to prison 15 years ago for sexual assault and is serving the final months of a third consecutive minimum sentence in Concord. According to the state Department of Corrections, he will become eligible for parole in October.

To Catch a Non-Predator, Try Entrapment

How can you turn a lonely guy looking for a date into a predator looking for a victim? All you need is a computer and a cop.

The case of the malicious sheriff

Newbie Georgia Republican legislator Sam Moore has struck a blow--albeit an unpopular one--for constitutional rights, fact-based legislation, and common sense. His bill would remove restrictions on registered citizens, once their sentences are satisfied,

Too Many Inmates: Public Forum To Be Held On The Urgency Of Sentencing Reform

Over 1/3 of parole violators are re-admitted into prison on a yearly basis. That is over 230,000 men and women going back into the prison system, with minority men being affected the most. 

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