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Young public registrants can tell their story

A national radio program airs in early 2017 about young people placed on the sex offender public registry. The producer, Lucy Greenwell, asked our nonprofit agency, Citizens for Criminal Justice Reform, to link her with people she can interview in a fair and honest way. 

Chances like this to tell our side of this issue are pretty rare, but here is one of those chances. If you would like to be part of the radio series, please give me your contact information and I’ll forward it to the journalists working on the project.  The email message below describes that effort. 

New study finds federal sex offender law not effective

New data driven system called for in new report

The Risk of Recidivism among Sex Offenders is Remarkably Low

The Risk of Recidivism among Sex Offenders is Remarkably Low

Each year the State of Connecticut produces a report on recidivism in the state.  This year Connecticut focused on sex offender recidivism and came up with some eye-opening statistics.

Facts and Fiction about Sex Offenders

Facts and Fiction about Sex Offenders

Myth: Sex offenders are mean strangers who steal kids from playgrounds.

An Ohio prison intake report on sex offenders imprisoned in 1992 revealed that 2.2 percent of child molesters were strangers to their victims, and 89 percent of perpetrators had never been convicted before. A 2006 report for the Ohio Sentencing Commission said 93 percent of molestation victims were well known to their perpetrators, over half the offenders victimized close relatives, and 93 percent of molesters had never been arrested for a previous sex crime.   

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