NH State Prison Mail Policy

  • Effective October 1, 2021: The original contents of mail are no longer forwarded to prisoners. Your envelope and correspondence/enclosures are photocopied and only the photocopies are provided to the designated recipient. The original mail is retained for 10 days and then shredded. Mail is photocopied in black & white only. Color photos are copied in color.

  • Gifts in the form of Checks or Money Orders: Personal checks, bank checks, or money orders can be sent only by those registered as the respective prisoner’s list of immediate family. (See below for how to send a gift if you are not on that list.)

  • Greeting Cards: After a decade-long ban on all greeting cards, they are now permitted but prisoners will receive only a photocopy of the outside and inside of the card.

    • Since mail is now photocopied, previous restrictions on type and color of ink or drawings are no longer in force.

    • Printed articles and other material printed from the Internet are allowed. Keep in mind that the total limit per envelope is ten (10) pages. Double-sided material counts as one page. Like original mail, enclosures are also photocopied.

    • Though material printed from the Internet is permitted, photocopies of published materials, e.g., from a book or magazine are not allowed due to copyright rules.

    • https://www.corrections.nh.gov/resident-relations/resident-communications