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To Catch a Non-Predator, Try Entrapment

How can you turn a lonely guy looking for a date into a predator looking for a victim? All you need is a computer and a cop.

The case of the malicious sheriff

Newbie Georgia Republican legislator Sam Moore has struck a blow--albeit an unpopular one--for constitutional rights, fact-based legislation, and common sense. His bill would remove restrictions on registered citizens, once their sentences are satisfied,

Too Many Inmates: Public Forum To Be Held On The Urgency Of Sentencing Reform

Over 1/3 of parole violators are re-admitted into prison on a yearly basis. That is over 230,000 men and women going back into the prison system, with minority men being affected the most. 

Restorative Justice Programs – An Alternative to State-Centered Punishment

In Louisiana, a man is serving life in prison for stealing three belts from a department store. This prison sentence could cost taxpayers a million dollars,

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