70MillionJobs.com and Checkr Announces Partnership To Help Formerly Incarcerated People Land Jobs

San Francisco, CA—70 million Americans have a criminal record, and often can’t find work because of it. 70MillionJobs wants to get pass that discrimination and help connect companies looking for work and people who have done their time.

70MillionJobs, the only national, for-profit recruitment platform for formerly incarcerated Americans, is proud to announce its partnership with Checkr, one of the country's most successful background check companies.

Under the terms of the partnership, Checkr will refer men and women whose background check results precluded them from landing the job to which they originally applied and help them connect with employers that they are eligible to work for.

"We work with second-chance friendly employers who know that our applicants often turn out to be their company's best employees," said Richard Bronson, 70MillionJobs’ founder and CEO. “Checkr’s reputation includes their sincere commitment to helping deserving men and women find jobs with companies that are eager to hire them. Now we have access to a huge pool of tapped talent, available upon demand for large employers."

According to Checkr’s co-founder and CEO Daniel Yanisse, "Through our Bounce Back to Work initiative, we're helping job applicants and employers better understand the background check process and the impact of policies on employment. We're thrilled to work with 70MillionJobs so more applicants can find appropriate jobs."

Both companies are based in San Francisco and are alumni of Y Combinator.

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