Notes from the Land of Oz

Inattention to Detail

Ten years ago, in August 2003, sixty-eight year old defrocked priest John Geoghan met his end while in protective custody in a Massachusetts prison cell.

The Dividing Line

I was listening to NPR on the jobsite last week. Terri Gross interviewed comedian Amy Schumer. Schumer jokes a lot about sex. But when she mentioned experiencing “something very similar to rape,” it caught my attention.

Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones, but Names…

I was sitting in a holding cell in the prison’s Receiving and Diagnostics Unit waiting to be taken to a doctor’s visit. I couldn’t see who was in the cell next to me, but the guy was raving on about skinners this and skinners that.

Kid Rock

It was April 2008. I was working on a final piece of furniture in the prison woodshop, trying to finish it before my imminent release.

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