Notes from the Land of Oz

Full Disclosure

 photo disclosure_2.gifI knocked on the steel door to Ron’s office, then fidgeted in the windowless concrete hall outside. Behind me, sounds of the one o’clock inmate movement echoed through Hancock Building: electric locks snapped open, prisoners’ state issue boots clomped on metal stairs, a guard yelled something through shatter-proof glass. I waited alone, uneasy in this empty stub of a hallway, unsure how long I should stand here.

The Gift of Worms


Counting Victims

I was testifying in front of the House Criminal Judiciary Committee, speaking in favor of a minor change in New Hampshire’s sex offender registry. I always begin statehouse testimony with the disclaimer that I am a convicted sex offender.

VIDEO: Influencing Public Opinion Through Creative Non-Fiction

Watch the video workshop that Board Member Phil Horner taught at the RSOL National Conference in Dallas Texas on July 18, 2014.   "We interpret the world through stories, our own and those of others. The media controls the debate about former sex offenders through a constant drumbeat of negative stories." Phil Horner shows how to effectively tell OUR stories in a way that changes minds.

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