Notes from the Land of Oz

Plumbing problems

By Phil Horner

The day of my hernia operation, two guards handcuffed me, loaded me into the back of a van, and drove me from Concord to Manchester. I can’t remember much of the trip. Those anesthetic drugs sure mess with your memory.

Les Mis

My wife, and son and I went to see the movie version of Les Miserables last week. I was familiar with the plot of Victor Hugo’s 1862 masterpiece, its twists of fate and multiple sub-plots. This was the first time I had given any thought to the storyline since my release from the New Hampshire State Prison burdened with the labels of felon and sex offender.

Blast Zone

It was a sunny day. I was standing in line for chow. The guy ahead of me stretched lazily and yawned.

Innocents in Paradise

Billy was a big lump of a man. I met him when he got transferred to the sex offender program in the New Hampshire State Prison. By then he was twenty-nine.

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