Notes from the Land of Oz

Ex-offender humbly asks lawmakers to do right thing

David Haggett, a former police investigator and later a New Hampshire Prison inmate, deeply moved several members of the House Criminal Justice Committee with his testimony in late January for legislation to relax the punishment for witness tampering.

Plumbing problems

By Phil Horner

The day of my hernia operation, two guards handcuffed me, loaded me into the back of a van, and drove me from Concord to Manchester. I can’t remember much of the trip. Those anesthetic drugs sure mess with your memory.

Les Mis

My wife, and son and I went to see the movie version of Les Miserables last week. I was familiar with the plot of Victor Hugo’s 1862 masterpiece, its twists of fate and multiple sub-plots. This was the first time I had given any thought to the storyline since my release from the New Hampshire State Prison burdened with the labels of felon and sex offender.

Blast Zone

It was a sunny day. I was standing in line for chow. The guy ahead of me stretched lazily and yawned.

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