Notes from the Land of Oz

Jail Bird

I was looking down at the yard from the third tier. The guys who had been playing a pick-up game of basketball were now tramping through the perennials.

Aseptic Technique

I was at my workbench in the hobbycraft shop when a fellow prisoner sidled up to me and asked in a low voice, “Doc, got a minute?

Prozac in Prison

Once a week I climbed the metal stairs to the third-floor office of the mental health counselor.  The stairs ran up the outside of the building like an oversized fire escape.

Ex-offender humbly asks lawmakers to do right thing

David Haggett, a former police investigator and later a New Hampshire Prison inmate, deeply moved several members of the House Criminal Justice Committee with his testimony in late January for legislation to relax the punishment for witness tampering.

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