Inmate Art Exhibition Planned for April to Raise Money for Summer Camp Program

Something pretty cool is happening Apr. 9 in Concord, a day-long program to show off and help the Family Connections Program that fosters the bonds between prisoners and their kids. It's a chance to have some fun, learn about the challenges these families face, and support them in their tough work of holding important things together. Read more for comlete notice and information

Inmates make their case for earned time

The trustee inmates who wrote a bill to let prisoners reduce their sentences through intense self-improvement told some visiting state reps the other day why that’s a good idea.

Why New Hampshire Needs a Consecutive Sentencing Law

Ask a New Hampshire prosecutor to show you the law giving judges the power to impose prison sentences consecutively. He’ll tell you there is none. Ask him to show you the guidelines judges are to use when deciding whether to run sentences concurrently or consecutively. He’ll tell you, there are none. Ask him to show you the law telling the parole board how to handle parole when someone has back-to-back sentences. He’ll tell you, there is none. Ask him if this is a problem. He’ll probably say things are fine the way they are.

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