Sex Offender Laws & Treatment

A ‘Scarlet Letter’ or an Insurance against Child Sex Tourism?

A new federal law requiring the State Department to mark the passports of certain convicted sex offenders is expected to face its first test in federal court on Wednesday.

LEGISLATIVE ALERT: Senate should pass HB1113 to audit sex offender program

This is the most important week of the Legislative term, and we are losing more than we are winning.  Here are three crucial bills at stake with lawmakers. Below you will find CCJR testimony on them. Act now. Write or call your lawmaker.

International Megan’s Law: America’s Global Embarrassment

What sounds like a good law in a twenty-second sound bite sometimes turns out to be less clear when one digs below the surface.

Adult Sex Offender Management

This brief addresses sex offender management for adult sexual offenders. It Summarizes what is scientifically known about the topic and identifies policy implications, knowledge gaps, and unresolved controversies that emerge from  the extant research and that might serve as a catalyst for future empirical study.

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