Sex Offender Laws & Treatment

Let the Burden Fit the Crime: Extending Proportionality Review to Sex Offenders

Under current due process doctrine, punitive damages awards against civil defendants are reviewed for “proportionality” with the underlying misconduct,

Diane Rehm Show Looks at Sex Offender Registries

If you missed the superb National Public Radio show today on sex offender public registries, you can hear it now at this link: . Talk show host Host Diane Rehm invited these four experts to debate an issue almost always driven by fear mongering. 

Pay $50 a year for the rest of your life, or maybe not

Lawmakers killed a good crime bill this year. Citizens for Criminal Justice Reform wrote and recruited sponsors for HB 587, which would have abolished the $50 annual “fee”

State laws on sex offenders should not be crafted by emotion

A group of convicted sex offenders gathered on March 7 at (California's) Carson's city hall for a march to demand equal rights to visit fast-food restaurants, parks, libraries and other public areas from which they were banned. (Los Angeles Times)  March 29, 2015

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