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Court says Michigan sex offender registry laws creating ‘moral lepers’.

Just published:  A new article by legal scholar Melissa Hamilton spotlights the key role of *scientific evidence* in a ground-breaking 2016 federal appeals court decision known as Doe v. Snyder—and how that holding is already impacting other challenges to draconian sex offense laws. The court’s ruling created much excitement and was heralded by the Washington Post: Court says Michigan sex offender registry laws creating ‘moral lepers’.  

Pennsylvania news series exposes sex offender registry as a sham

The Sentinel | Nov. 16, 2016 | By Naomi Creason

Sentinel reporter receives Lee President's Award

Josh Vaughn

Excerpts:  Lee Enterprises honored Sentinel reporter Joshua Vaughn Tuesday with a 2016 President's Award for Excellence in News.   Vaughn received the award for his monthly Digital Data packages as part of The Sentinel's ongoing "Closer Look" series that runs every week. In these packages, Vaughn uses data to dig deeper into issues, such as race and crime, overdose deaths, sex offender registration, bail policies and incarceration.  "The sex offender package intrigued me because I came in with preconceived notions," Vaughn said. "The more I researched it, the more those notions were upended." MORE:

Auditors issue damning report on prison sex offender treatment program

Contact: Chris Dornin, CCJR spokesperson, at or 603-228-9610.

The Office of Legislative Budget Assistant released a scathing six-month study Nov. 18 about the prison sex offender program. Their report to the Legislative Fiscal Committee noted a huge backlog of prisoners who pass their minimum parole dates before completing this mandatory treatment. Only 14 percent of sex offenders make timely parole, and that’s an improvement over previous years.

If You Change a Baby’s Diaper in Arizona, You Can Now Be Convicted of Child Molestation

The Arizona Supreme Court issued a stunning and horrifying decision on Tuesday, interpreting a state law to criminalize any contact between an adult and a child’s genitals.

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