Prison Privatization

A Halfway House Built on Exaggerated Claims

Some residents of a halfway house, left, run by Community First Services on Gold Street say it offers little more than meals and a bed, not counseling and job-search help.

Prison firms know how to win profits from lawmakers

According to this superb investigative story by the progressive advocacy group Grassroots Leadership, one of the for-profit prison firms bidding to take over the New Hampshire Corrections system has built a cozy and lucrative relationship with lame duck lawmakers in Michigan.

For-Profit Prisons: A Barrier to Serious Criminal Justice Reform


This superb essay from the CNBC website by ACLU attorney David Shapiro lays out the dangers of for-profit prisons. The piece also has a link to the blurb and trailer for the documentary film, "Billions Behind Bars," which premiered on CNBC October 18.

Supporters of prison reform are showing it at seven sites around the state in October and November, followed by panel discussions and questions from the audience. These forums can help folks make up their own minds about this huge issue and perhaps do something about it.

Chris Dornin, founder, CCJR

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