Prison Privatization

Call to Action by ACLU National Prison Project - "Privatization"

Call to Action by ACLU National Prison Project

The United States today imprisons far more people — both per capita and in absolute terms — than any other nation, including Russia, China and Iran. Corrections Corporation of America, the largest private incarceration company in the world, makes matters worse by operating prisons around the nation that rely on keeping large numbers of people behind bars. Today, CCA convened its annual shareholder meeting to discuss operations and profits. One thing that won't be on the agenda, however, is the question of whether private prisons should exist at all. 

ALERT: NH Senate Votes to Block Legislative Study of Prison Privatization

NH Senate votes to Block Legislative Study of Prison Privatization
By Chris Dornin, CCJR Founder

The NH Senate voted today, May 23, to kill SB 376 to extend the life of the prison privatization study committee, with a privatization plan due Nov. 1 at just the right time to become a big election issue.

We republish a superb article on NH prison privatization

Forward by Dr. Peter Bearse

Award-winning investigative reporter Bob Sanders of NH Business Review recently published a probing piece on the four bidders to privatize the New Hampshire prison system. We are pleased to reprint his work with permission.

Friends Committee report slams private prisons

Opponents of prison privatization are mobilizing for a showdown public hearing Tuesday, Feb. 21, at 11:10 a.m. in the New Hampshire House Finance Committee over SB 376 to create a plan to outsource a thousand or more inmates.  The bill calls for publication of a prison privatization plan by May 1 that takes into account actual bids the state receives in the next six weeks from prison vendors. That due date would give lawmakers time to submit legislation to carry out the findings of the report before the 2012 session ends.

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