Prison Privatization

Prison builders turn to lobbyists

Website editor’s note: The Union Leader reports that lobbyists have earned $130,000 from three of the four for-profit bidders hoping to build and run prison facilities for 1,700 New Hampshire inmates. It’s hard for the nonprofit sector to fight that kind of political clout, and the election campaign has barely started. What will they spend between now and the November vote?

Remote Control: Keep Prisoners in State

Bring inmates here form Maine and Vermont?

Gov. John Lynch has floated the idea of a northern New England prison with room for inmates from Maine and Vermont. Maine lawmakers voted in 2011 to kill a bill to let a private prison construct a prison there. This editorial from the Valley News suggests Vermont would be a reluctant partner as well in such a venture. Its prisoners out of state are rioting.

GEO Care has rocky record in Texas

According to the following piece at, Geo Care, one of the for-profit bidders to take over most of the New Hampshire prison system for maybe the next 20 years, is earning fines in Texas for deficiencies in care at its new forensic mental hospital there.

Surprising stand by Lamontagne - He's opposed to prison privatization

By and / Monitor staff

July 15, 2012 

Republican gubernatorial candidate Ovide Lamontagne is a fan of privatization - but not when it comes to New Hampshire's prisons.

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