Notes from the Land of Oz

Cheesecake Concordia

All over the world, food is an important part of celebrations. That remains true in prison. Holidays and birthdays are the most commonly celebrated events in here.

The Art of Contraband

“The prison wall, that line between the pure and impure, has all the emotional tones of a woman's maidenhead,  says Gresham Sykes in his 1957 classic, The Society of Captives

A Tax on Tea

When my daughter Rebecca was in fourth grade, we studied New Hampshire history. The family made field trips to historic sites throughout the state. We visited the New Hampshire State House, cooked colonial food, and acted out historical plays. It was a good review for me too.

Cliff Died in Prison

Cliff died in prison back in 2002. He was just 47. Lung cancer turned his prison bid into a life sentence. I guess I knew Cliff. We met the day I moved into a cell with him in the Hancock Building.

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