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State House News for Nov. 7, 2013: Earned time bill passes in House committee

The House Criminal Justice Committee voted 15-0 this week for a progressive inmate earned time bill, HB 649, and placed it on the consent calendar for a January floor vote. That decision was a bipartisan victory for supporters of restorative justice.  Citizens for Criminal Justice Reform was part of a coalition of nonprofit agencies that worked very hard for the legislation.

An open letter to NH House Criminal Justice

Corrections Commissioner Bill Wrenn recently told you that you could greatly improve the retained earned time legislation with three changes. 

Three strikes bill clears 1st hurdle

The House Criminal Justice Committee agreed yesterday to support HB 645, a bill to give offenders two chances on parole before they face an extra seven to 14 years as part of any third imprisonment.

Senator's new measure denies food stamps for life to certain classes of ex-convicts

Everyone should contact his or her Senators (In NH that's Kelly Ayotte and Jeanne Shaheen) and ask them to vote against the Vitter amendment to the Farm Bill that denies food stamp eligibility to those convicted of certain crimes.

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