Legislative Alerts

Three strikes bill clears 1st hurdle

The House Criminal Justice Committee agreed yesterday to support HB 645, a bill to give offenders two chances on parole before they face an extra seven to 14 years as part of any third imprisonment.

Senator's new measure denies food stamps for life to certain classes of ex-convicts

Everyone should contact his or her Senators (In NH that's Kelly Ayotte and Jeanne Shaheen) and ask them to vote against the Vitter amendment to the Farm Bill that denies food stamp eligibility to those convicted of certain crimes.

Give prisoners joy of work they choose

Joe Diament, the director of Community Corrections, is asking lawmakers to make sure they give incentives to prison programs that actually reduce recidivism.

Parole Board changing for the better

Donna Sytek, the former New Hampshire House speaker, has hit the ground running as the new chair of the Parole Board.

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