Sex Offender Laws & Treatment

City should help, not shun, counseling center

Concord has issued what is tantamount to an eviction order on RTT Associates, a counseling program at 2½ Beacon St. The zoning board and city council should immediately review that capricious and arbitrary decision in the interest of fairness, transparency and public safety.

Lawmakers shelve bill to bar towns from telling sex offenders where they can live

A seven-member committee of conference reached loggerheads today on a House bill to block towns from limiting where convicted sex offenders can live. Three senators said HB 442 was simply too controversial to pass, and the House should study the issue instead. Reps said they’ve studied the problem for years, the facts are well documented, and these local codes are ineffective, unconstitutional and even dangerous.

Pass sex offender laws only when voters are mad

Sex offender laws sail through legislatures on hysteria. Nine-year-old Jessica Lunsford was kidnapped from her Florida home in February, 2005, then raped and buried alive. Barely a month later sympathizers filed the draconian 82-page Jessica Lunsford Act in her honor.

Joe Foster faces a huge job as AG

Foster's Daily Democrat, by Chris Dornin, April 15, 2013 -

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