Commissioner Barthelmes Leaves Registrants and their Families Vulnerable

Despite the recent murder of a registrant and the attempted murder of another within a ten mile radius of Keene, New Hampshire, the Commissioner of the Department of Safety has refused CCJR's request to take down the state's sex offender registry until the killer is apprehended. "We are disappointed in Commissioner Barthelmes' decision," said CCJR Board Member Jeremy Olson. "CCJR believes the State of New Hampshire is responsible for the safety of those individuals whose personal information it chooses to post on the Department of Safety's website."  "CCJR is committed to raising awareness of the harm the online registry does to registrants and their families," Olson said. "If anyone knows of other acts of vigilantism against New Hampshire registrants, we want to hear about it."  See previous story which was a letter to Commissioner Barthelmes, Keene Police Chief Kenneth J. Meola, and other lawmakers.

Click the link below to read Commissioner Barthelmes' letter

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