Video Stories about the Sex Offender Registry

Most people do not take into consideration that behind every sex crime (or any crime) there is a back-story that’s more complex than can be read on the registry. Good people do bad things and make poor decisions, but that doesn’t necessarily make them bad people. The following video stories were produced by various groups seeking to educate the public about the many misconceptions and stereotyping that surrounds people on the sex offender registry.  We challenge you to take a few moments and watch these moving stories.

My Husband is an Ex-offender

My Dad is a Registered Citizen

Raised on the Sex Offender Registry

I Love a Sex Offender

Mother of a Registrant

Attorney Janice Bellucci: The Tipping Point

My Son is a Ex-Offender

My Fiance' is a Registrant

Catherine Carpenter: "Sexual Offense Laws and Constitutionality."

Collateral Damage - Children of Sex Offenders

Attorney Janice Bellucci - Registration = Punishment

Janice is President of California Reform Sex Offender Laws (RSOL)

Janice Bellucci - I Have a Dream

Janice Bellucci - Tells the Truth about Sex Offender Registries