Possible Scam Targeting NH Registrants

A CCJR member reported that there is a group of scammers targeting people on the State Registry in Dover and likely elsewhere. They called him pretending to be the County Sheriff's office and or the State Police (caller Id in my Dover incident actually said Stafford County Sheriff. ) They proceed to tell the registrant that there is a problem with their registration and that a warrant has been issued. They then ask them to turn themselves in and bring $1500.00 for bail. They require the registrant to call them back in their mobile phone and tell them they cannot hang up until they are in custody. The "sheriff” then tells them to get in  their car and drive to County Farm Rd, or elsewhere.   In Dover cases and I would assume that whoever it is waits for them on the road and robs them if they go through with it. Luckily I figured them out early enough and called the real police. The detective from Dover Police Department called me back and said I was not the only one this had happened to and that they were targeting other offenders.

If you receive a call like this be sure and call yoru local police department and please let us know as well. info@ccjrnh.org (603) 832-1555