MO: Louisiana Bill SB371 to allow judges to sentence child sex offender with surgical castration advances

A bill SB371 to give judges the discretion to punish individuals who sexually assault a child with surgical castration advances from Senate Judiciary C. Baton Rouge Senator Regina Barrow’s bill allows for the sentencing of surgical castration if the victim is under the age of 13.

“This would allow a judge to impose a sentencing that may require them to be surgically castrated. And this would actually happen before they are released from prison,” said Barrow.

Lake Charles Senator Mark Abraham said he has a problem with castration if it’s a first offense and that he believes in second chances.

“I know there’s not a lot of second chances when you’re 13 and under, I get that. I don’t want to commit two crimes here I guess is what I’m saying,” Abraham said.

“For me, when I think about a child, one time is too many,” Barrow responded.

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