Massachusetts Registration Decision COMMONWEALTH vs. FRANCIS X. HARDING, JR.

This  is one of the most logical, sensible court decisions I have ever read on registration issues.  We actually have the same idiotic prohibitions here in NH and people who have faced consequences for the same issues that were overturned in this Massachusetts decision.

The defendant raises two issues on appeal. The first is whether he was required, as a self-employed homeimprovement contractor, to identify the temporary work sites where he performed his work as his “work address” under the SORB registration statute, G. L. c. 6, § 178E. The second is whether the defendant’s condition of probation — that he was “not to 6 work, volunteer, [or] reside with children under [sixteen] years old” — prohibited him from performing home-improvement services at a house where a young child resided and provided adequate notice of such a prohibition.

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