Documentary filmmakers are seeking interviewees

Announcement: Documentary filmmakers are seeking interviewees for a film on CP and Internet offenders. They are interested in meeting with families and offenders who have these specific type offenses. They have requested a national awareness posting as well as a specific push to Boston as they are going to be in that area in the next week or so.  The criteria are given below as well as a contact email and telephone number.

 If you contact them, tell the filmmakers Deb and Alex that you are responding to an announcement initiated by Gail of the Florida Action Committee and posted on Citizens for Criminal Justice Reform in NH.

Profiles of potential interviewees for documentary, End of Love

- Young men (25 and under) caught by law enforcement with child pornography on their computers/hard drives who began looking at adult Internet pornography and eventually encountered child porn.

- Youth and adult men entrapped in chat rooms by law enforcement and convicted of child porn and/or attempted sex with a minor.

- Youth charged with child porn because of sexting.

- Parents/family members of youth convicted of the above crimes.

- Youth and adult men who have an Internet pornography addiction that has impacted their families and intimate relationships.


Phone: 802-324-2098

If you live in New Hampshire please let us know if you are chosen.