Friends of restorative justice-

Opponents of private prisons are trying to stop a Florida university from naming its football stadium after a big for-profit prison company, GEO. There's a link below for signing a petition of organizations against the idea. Please consider adding your group to the cause. Deadline for signing it is Friday.

Citizens for Criminal Justice Reform is one of the signatories. We can't let these guys become a household brand name. They'd get regional TV exposure when football games are broadcast. If the team is really good we could be hearing about the mainstream legitimacy of GEO up here in the fall. It's one of the bidders to take over most of NH corrections. When they gain power in a state, they don't leave easily.
You can learn more about private prisons on our website, or on the NH Prison Watch site, Grassroots Leadership, the prime mover behind the petition, has superb material too. So do the ACLU and the American Friends Service Committee.
Chris Dornin, founder, Citizens for Criminal Justice Reform 603-620-7946
Grassroots Leadership is circulating an organizational sign-on letter protesting Florida Atlantic University's proposed GEO Group Stadium. If your organization hasn't signed on yet, you can do so here. We've extended the deadline and will be accepting signatures until 5 pm this Friday.