Subcommittee to vote on key Oct. 10 - Supporters should stand up for HB-192

Please come to a Hearing on October 10th in Concord, NH.

A House subcommittee votes this Wednesday on HB 192, our legislation to make the Department of Corrections write administrative rules for several controversial prison programs. These include probation, community parole supervision, the placement of women in the secure psychiatric unit, and the sex offender treatment programs inside and outside the prison.

Under HB 192, these policies would all require approval by the 10 lawmakers on the Joint Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules. We have worked to bring about this moment for the last four years. Come to Room 306 of the Legislative Office Building at 10 a.m. and wear an HB 192 button.

We wrote a similar bill this year that sailed through the Senate and died in the House, SB 373. Lawmakers can only approve or kill HB 192 this week, they can’t amend it into SB 373. But if it reaches a vote on the House floor this January, the full House of Representatives could amend it into SB 373.

SB 373 is the better bill because Helen Hanks supported it in her role as commissioner of Corrections. She opposed HB 192 last year and got it retained in committee for further study. If HB 192 makes it through the House, it still needs to go through the Senate.

You can read both bills at these two links. Please print them out and bring them with you to the subcommittee. No copies will be available at the meeting. Questions please contact Chris Dornin,