Volunteer Positions

OPEN POSITION:  CCJR is looking for a qualified person to serve as CCJR Treasurer - 2016
A Treasurer is largely influential in proper financial management and thus, also greatly affects the public’s perception, trust, and assurance in the organization management. Therefore, organizations should seek desirable qualifications in a Treasurer such as financial literacy, attention to detail, timeliness in completing tasks, neat and accurate record keeping, and a willingness to ask questions.
CCJR-NH Treasurer Job Description
Position: Volunteer
Qualifications and Attributes: The treasurer should have good analytical skills and exhibit ability in financial management.  He/she should maintain knowledge of the organization and personal commitment to its goals and objectives.
Purpose: Manage the financial activities of the organization including income and revenue, expenses and disbursements, payroll, assets and investments.
Recommendation: Position requires an interview by the Chairman and election by the board. Resume, job history, personal references and a criminal background check may be required. 
Selection: Elected by the board; directly accountable to the Chairman and board oversight.
Position: Serves as a voting member of the Board and the Executive Committee and as Chair of the Financial Committee.  


  • Attends all monthly board meetings. (Third Tuesday of the month 7-8:30 pm)
  • Attends the annual business meeting, and any special Board of Directors meetings and any other meetings deemed necessary by the Chairman.
  • Meets with the Financial Committee at least annually to develop annual budget proposal, etc.  
  • Presents the annual budget to the board for approval.
  • Provides a printed treasurer's report at the monthly meeting of the board.
  • Prepares a detailed annual treasurer’s report and surrenders all records for annual audit by independent source.
  • Reviews the annual audit and is available to answer members' questions about the audit.
  • Supervises timely payment of ordinary and approved operating expenditures, including any payroll. For irregular or non-operating expenditures, obtain permission or approval of the Chairman.
  • Timely posts all transactions to the organization ledger.
  • Reconciles bank account statements to CCJR ledger.
  • Maintains careful records of all income, revenue, receipts, expenses, disbursements, assets and liabilities.
  • Provide a statement of giving to contributors following appropriate IRS regulations for tax deductibility using approved CCJR formats.
  • Prepares and report any tax information, meeting IRS requirements.
If you are interested in finding out more about this position please contact chair@ccjrnh.org
Or send resume and/or job experience to Dr. Robert Paradise, Ph.D., PO Box 3942, Concord, NH 03302-3942
membership sec
Open Position: CCJR-NH Membership Secretary - 2016
Job Description 
The Membership Secretary is a volunteer support person in the organizational functions of CCJR-NH. That person works with and assists the Chairman by maintaining the membership records and supports him/her in maintaining it in an efficient and pleasant manner.  
Qualifications and Attributes: The Membership Secretary may or may not be a board member.  (Board members attend monthly meetings and enjoy voting rights.)  He/she should have good analytical skills and demonstrate ability in record management and should exhibit skills in administration, book-keeping, tact and discretion.  He/she should maintain knowledge of the organization and personal commitment to its goals and objectives.Purpose: The Membership Secretary is responsible for maintaining the CCJR membership database, sending out renewal reminders, processing membership applications and issuing membership cards. Any enquiries about CCJR can be received and dealt with, especially those of the kind: "Please send me membership information.”Stamps, labels, stationary, brochures and membership cards, are provided for the timely dispatch of mailings to membership contacts, and for renewal purposes.
Selection: Membership Secretary is nominated by the Chairman of the Board, appointed by the board; directly accountable to the Chairman with board oversight.
Position: Position can be a voting member of the board or serve as a non voting committee chairman.  
  • Provides a written monthly report of membership activity.
  • Attends and reports to the annual business meeting and any other meeting deemed necessary by the Chairman.
  • If elected as a board member attends monthly board meetings. (Third Tuesday of the month 7-8:30 pm)
  • Serves as Chair of the Membership committee.
  • Compiles and maintains membership lists, records receipts of dues and contributions, and responds to member inquiries.
  • Record all members’ names, addresses, D.O.B., etc.
  • Welcomes new members and issues membership cards to all members.
  • Record all payments of membership dues.  
  • Sends renewal notices.
  • Explains privileges and obligations of membership, discusses organization problems, adjusts complaints, and provides other information to members.
  • Occasionally sends newsletters, promotional materials, and other publications to persons on mailing list.
Recruitment and Retention
  • As needed, meets with Membership Committee to suggest ways of recruiting new members and the retention of existing members.
  • Suggest Membership Drive Activities
 membership com
Open Position: CCJR-NH Membership Committee
Job Description
All committee members are volunteer support persons in the organizational functions of CCJR-NH.
Qualifications and Attributes: Membership Committee positions may be appointed from outside the official board.  He/she should maintain knowledge of the organization and personal commitment to its goals and objectives.
Purpose: The Membership Committee is available to assist the Membership Secretary in the task of recruiting and renewing members. The Membership Committee meets occasionally to develop and recommend to the Board policies related to membership recruitment.  To assist with membership drives, recruitment and mailings.
Selection: Membership Committee may be nominated by the Chairman of the Board, appointed by the board; directly accountable to the Membership Secretary, Chairman, and board oversight.
Position: Position can be a voting member of the board or serve as a non voting committee chairman.  
Responsibilities:  To assist the Membership Secretary
Recruitment and Retention
  • Meets with Membership Secretary to suggest ways or recruiting and retaining members.
  • Suggest Membership Drive Activities
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Open Position: Board Member - 2017-2020
Position Description:
All board members are volunteer positions. The Board receives no compensation other than reasonable expenses.  Board members provide strategic direction and oversight to the organization and lead the nonprofit in achieving its mission. Board members play an active role in fundraising, fiscal oversight and strategic planning.  In addition, they establish policies and procedures to ensure smooth operation of the organization, protection of its assets, fidelity to its mission and adherence to legal requirements and filings.
Qualifications and Attributes:
There is a range of expertise and talent that most boards need but we also look for and utilize volunteers from all walks of life. He/she should maintain knowledge of the organization and personal commitment to its goals and objectives.
To know and participate in approving all policies that guides the organization, its governance, and its work.
Nominated and voted on by current board members.
Position is a voting member of the board.
Board members have a duty of loyalty to the organization, its staff and other board members. While differences of opinion are sure to arise, board members should seek to keep disagreements impersonal. By practicing discretion and accepting decisions made on a majority basis, board unity and confidence will be promoted.
Term:  All Board members shall serve three-year terms, but are eligible for re-election.
Key Responsibilities:
  • To faithfully attend all monthly board meetings, and any annual or special meetings as required. 
  • To be accessible and respond in a timely manner to all communication from the chair, and or any other board members. 
  • Monitor the organization’s income and expenses; reviewing and approving the annual budget and operational business decisions.
  • To be familiar with the organization’s priorities and initiatives, including its public policy activities and other initiatives.
  • To faithfully and timely execute any responsibilities that I accept.
  • Along with the rest of the Board, agrees to oversee (but am not involved in managing) the work of the organization.
  • Review board materials prior to meetings.
  • Be knowledgeable about the organization’s mission, services and programs and serve as an ambassador to the larger community.
  • Make personal financial contributions to the organization and participate in philanthropic activities that support the organization as able.
  • Participate in regular reviews of key metrics measuring outcomes against plans.
  • Suggest possible nominees to serve on the board to ensure a diverse and engaged board.
  • Prepare for and actively participate in a regular strategic planning process.
  • Help ensure that the organization is complying with both state and federal requirements.
  • If possible be available to serve on a committee as asked and/or appointed.
  • Maintain confidentiality to protect the organization in all legal matters, privileged conversations, or Executive Session deliberations.
  • Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action, and/or dismissal.
Officers and Duties: According to the bylaws there shall be four officers of the Board consisting of a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. Their duties are as follows:
  1. Chair. The Chair shall convene regularly scheduled Board meetings, and shall preside, or arrange for other members of the executive committee to preside at each meeting in the following order: Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer.
  2. Vice-Chair. The Vice-Chair will chair committees on special subjects as designated by the Board.
  3. Secretary. The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping records of Board actions, including overseeing the taking of minutes at all board meetings, sending out meeting announcements, distributing copies of minutes and the agenda to each Board member, and assuring that organizational records are maintained.
  4. Treasurer. The Treasurer shall make a report at each Board meeting. The Treasurer shall chair the Finance Committee, assist in the preparation of the budget, help develop fundraising plans, and make financial information available to Board members and the public
If you are interested in finding out more about any of the above positions please click icon below or contact chair@ccjrnh.org
You may also send letter of interest to Dr. Robert Paradise, Ph.D., PO Box 3942, Concord, NH 03302-3942