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Letter: Prison as treatment

Recent news articles have exposed the dubious practice of housing civilly committed patients at the Secure Psychiatric Unit in the men’s prison in Concord. The state improperly uses that site as an extension of New Hampshire Hospital. Non-criminals live with felons.

Monadnock legislators propose variety bills for 2016

Two constitutional amendments, prohibiting the use of flame throwers, establishing a registry of people convicted of heroin-related offenses, adding the production of hard cider to a brew pub license, and funding a statewide drug court program are among the bills Monadnock Region legislators have proposed for 2016.

They’ve also signed onto measures dealing with manufactured housing taxes, the minimum wage, abortion, gun control, creating an independent redistricting commission and not allowing the retroactive application of the sex offender registry.

State's housing of civilly committed draws fire

HAMPTON — State Rep. Renny Cushing wants to bar the state from sending civilly committed patients with no criminal record to the state’s Secured Psychiatric Unit on the grounds of the men's state prison in Concord and managed by the Department of Corrections.

CONCORD MONITOR: Prisoner rights advocates push for audit of state’s sex offender treatment program - Nov 28, 2015

A group of New Hampshire lawmakers is requesting an audit of the state’s sex offender treatment program to address a purported backlog of inmates awaiting mandatory psychosexual therapy.

Chris Dornin, founder of Citizens for Criminal Justice Reform-New Hampshire, said dozens of incarcerated sex offenders are currently approaching their minimum release dates but will be ineligible for parole because they haven’t yet begun treatment, which can last up to 18 months.

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