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Sex Offenders Housing Restrictions Are Pointless

This article originally appeared in Science of Us.

On Thursday, Joseph Goldstein of the New York Times reported that “Dozens of sex offenders who have satisfied their sentences in New York State are being held in prison beyond their release dates because of a new interpretation of a state law that governs where they can live.”

Documentary filmmakers are seeking interviewees

Announcement: Documentary filmmakers are seeking interviewees for a film on CP and Internet offenders. They are interested in meeting with families and offenders who have these specific type offenses.

Patty Wetterling questions sex offender laws

In a March 2013 article, The outspoken activist talks about a change of heart over the wide-reaching scope of laws she helped put into action.

Let them live with the coyotes

Your state senator, Sharon Carson, recently voted against a superb crime bill, HB 1237, which I wrote as founder of Citizens for Criminal Justice Reform, a nonprofit. The legislation blocked towns from imposing unconstitutional residency restrictions against people on the sex offender shaming roster.

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