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A Double-Edged Sword: RTT Counseling Center and a Community in Need.

I have watched the dialogue for the last several weeks about the counseling center on Beacon Street and am compelled to speak out.  There, but for the grace of God, goes how many of us in need of counseling for one reason or another? 

Concord tries to drive its demons out of town

Concord tries to drive its demons out of town
Dear friends of smarter crimal policies:
The City of Concord, historically one of the most progressive places in the state, is on a course to drive out its homeless people and many others

Failure to Register: Are Violations Overblown?

“As a crime of omission, each failure to report ordinary life events is an opportunity for registrants to commit a new felony.”

City should help, not shun, counseling center

Concord has issued what is tantamount to an eviction order on RTT Associates, a counseling program at 2½ Beacon St. The zoning board and city council should immediately review that capricious and arbitrary decision in the interest of fairness, transparency and public safety.

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