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Bill to ease sex offender registry gets ambushed in committee

Our legislation to bring the state into better compliance with the federal sex offender public registry act met with strong opposition last week. The criticism came from the Department of Safety, a lobbyist for the Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence, and from an irate Derry state rep and one of his constituents.  HB 262 would repeal one draconian line of our public registry law that is far more harsh than the feds require, replacing it with the federal language. 

In Thursday's Keene Sentinel: A local lawmaker sponsors bills to PROTECT convicted sex offenders

A local lawmaker has sponsored several bills in the N.H. House of Representatives that would increase protections for people on the state's registry of sex offenders. Rep. Timothy N. Robertson, D-Keene, said he was motivated by information about two recent local attacks that he said may have been committed by someone who targeted people listed on the registry.

The Impossible Redemption of Jonathan Boyer

Does the best thing you do in your life make up for the worst thing you've ever done? This cycling hero—and convicted felon—might get closer to an answer than any of us.

Sex offender lists make reoffending more likely.

The problems with sex offender lists continues to grow. The Las Vegas Sun recently ran an article about the plight of one man, Harry Berlin, 71. This is the republication of an article first published on Wednesday, December 12, 2007

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